How does Urolon® work?

Urolon® was specifically developed to provide a direct bulking effect to close the urethral lumen to stop involuntary loss of urine.   

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How is Urolon® administered?

Urolon® is injected halfway through the urethra in the urethral wall to restore continence. Usually the treatment consists of 3 injections in 1 session as shown in the figure. Treatment is performed under visual control using a cystoscope (small camera) to ensure correct placement of the product. Sedation or local anaesthetics are usually administered prior to the treatment.

Mode of action of Urolon®

Urolon® is completely bioresorbable and is fully removed from the body over time, so no material is left behind.

Urolon® is a bioresorbable filler and offers a minimally-invasive, short procedure without the need for full (deep) anaesthesia or overnight stay in the hospital.

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Is Urolon® the solution for you?

To answer this question you first need a confirmed diagnosis of SUI and know which treatment options are best suitable for you. 
This should be discussed with your treating physician, for example your Family doctor, urologist or (uro)gynaecologist. 

If you are one of the many women with SUI, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor!

What are the steps needed to have a Urolon® treatment?

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